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Revation Group was established in Toronto, the economic center of Canada, in 2018. The Group is a comprehensive enterprise group with diversified businesses, which includes real estate development, new concept factory, new type of agriculture, eco-technology, global import and export, smart ecological resorts, city residential constructions, etc.

Revation group is focusing on catching new trends and keeps up with capital development. The Group is rapidly growing and developing, based on more than 20 years of experience in China venture capital coupled with a strong connection and relationship with Canadian government. The Businesses of the Group collaborate with and complement each other. With the synergies, it can not only increase efficiency but also share resources and achieve mutual achievement, to create the symbiotic of the win-win businesses within the Group and a virtuous cycle of the Group development.

Whatever you’re looking for, REVATION GROUP has the experience and the ability to deliver outstanding results. Browse the rest of our site for more information about the services we provide and to browse all our past projects. If you’re interested in working with our Real Estate Developer on your next endeavour, schedule your initial consultation meeting today.

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Primarily focused on import and export of kitchen supplies and related products on which it has many years experience.

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Real Estate

Exclusive collection of Je Vila residences, on 2620 Brock Road, these lavishly spacious stacked townhomes, and etc.

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Smart vertical farm, grow reliable consistent year-round crop production. Produce better, healthier, safer, and featuring dry leaves which are clean and ready to eat.

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